- Corporate website optimisations

Picture 1 of 6 - Re-designed News Page with various options to present the content.

Picture 2 of 6 - Version B - - Corporate website re-design 

Picture 3 of 7 - Re-designed Fund Selector Page where investors can select the funds they wish to invest in. I focused mainly on the navigation and the way the large amount of content is presented.

Picture 4 of 7 - Re-design of the Robeco E-mail templates. 

Picture 5 of 7 - Re-design of the page where 'saving' is compared to 'investing'. 

Picture 6 of 7 - A re-design of the 'Deposit'-flow where investors can deposit money onto their accounts. 

Since June 2016 I have been working as a Freelance UX/UI and Visual Designer at Robeco Institutional Asset Management. Mainly as part of a small but dedicated team of various disciplines responsible for the online marketing and website optimisation of and

The screens shown on this portfolio page are my designs. They do not represent actual online pages.


Robeco is a top asset manager with more than 85 years of experience in fund investing, with their headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Their clients range from private individuals and companies to institutional investors, such as pension funds.

Their investors are active in Rotterdam, Chicago, Paris, Zurich, Boston, New York, Mumbai and Hong Kong.


When I started, Robeco's website wasn't updated much in the past years. A small team was set up and is still responsible for the e-commerce acquisition and retention optimisations on

UX/UI & Visual Design

I provide UX/UI and Visual Design services, designing small blocks, full webpages and several user flows. I have been re-designing the existing News Page, Mobile App, Deposit Flow, E-mail templates, the Fund Selector and numerous online marketing pages. 

The small team I am part of, consists of online marketeers, a copywriter, a Interaction Designer and we work closely with Content Managers and in-house Front-end en Back-end developers. 

Illustration Services

Besides Visual and UX/Ui Webdesign I was asked to provide illustration services, specifically for the illustration / design of various infographics.

How can I help you?

Do you need professional Visual Web / Interface Designs for your own project or brand? Or do you have any questions regarding this particular project or my current availability and services as a Freelance Visual Designer? I'd love to help you. Please find my contact details in the footer of this website. 

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