Work-in-progress: abstract artwork 'Flamingo Morning'

I thought it would be nice to share some work-in-progress shots. I always like those short videos about the creative process on Vimeo and although this video doesn't come close to those beautiful inspirational ones, I still wanted to share mine. At least on Instagram.

On May 24th I had just received some new Molotow markers and ink. And although I had other, way more responsible plans for that evening, I couldn't resist filling an empty marker with some neon pink ink.

 Work-in-progress shots of abstract artwork 'Flamingo Morning'. A painting with neon pink lines on a print on aluminum Dibond

Aluminum Dibond

A few days earlier I had recieved a 80 x 120cm (31.4" x 47.2") print of 'Working Day' on aluminum Dibond. It was one of my experiments to make the larger, original Mr. Upside paintings available to a wider range of people, at a lower price. The experiment wasn't 100% successful. I didn't like the result because of the less saturated colors. I did like the thin aluminum plate though. And I can imagine it hanging on a wall.

 Close-up view of abstract artwork 'Flamingo Morning'. A painting with neon pink lines on a print on aluminum Dibond

Splice app

On that particular evening in my gallery, with fresh bright neon pink refills of Molotow ink in my hand, I suddenly realised the aluminum dibond print was perfect as a background for neon pink Bold Lines. I asked Janette to make the short video you see in this post. She used the mobile app Splice.

 The finished painting 'Flamingo Morning' against a wall in the Mr. Upside gallery in Voorburg, the Netherlands.

At the time of writing this blogpost I am waiting for some materials I ordered to hang the artwork properly on a wall. And to have some decent pictures of the artwork in the Mr. Upside webshop, a painting must be hung on a wall. I'll write a blogpost on it once it is available in the webshop.

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