Press Room

Selected press releases and download a press kit

A list of selected international and Dutch press releases. Also a Press Kit can be downloaded for more information and acces to hi-res images of the Mr. Upside artworks.

Past publicity

2016-04-29 - Interview (in English) - 'Interview with artist Mr. Upside' on The Crazy Mind
2016-09-08 - Interview (in English) - 'Interview with Michiel Nagtegaal aka Mr. Upside' on Special Interview
2016-10-22 - Book Feature - Featured in the Dutch Artists Yearbook 2017

2015-12-16 - Feature on online gallery Bold Gallery (UK)
2015-06-22 - Blog Feature (in Dutch) 'Unieke Bold Lines flessen van...' on
2015-05-05 - Interview (in English) - 'Work inspiration with Michiel Nagtegaal' on
2015-03-30 - Interview (in Dutch) - 'Ondernemen als creatief' on

Download Press Kit

A Press Kit (25 MB, PDF) is available for download in English and Dutch, by clicking on one of the buttons below.
It contains:

• A short version of the biography
• An Artist Statement,
• A list of past, current and future exhibitions and shows,
• An overview of past and current publicity
• A Wetransfer-download link for high resolution images