Eight fresh new Mr. Upside artworks online - Artwork 8 of 8: Icecream Popsicle

Recently I re-discovered some archived artworks that weren't available on the Mr. Upside webshop yet. This article describes the last of eight artworks, 'Icecream Popsicle'.

8. Icecream Popsicle

Iconic painting 'Icecream (Popsicle)' once started as the first artwork in a series of five.

Unfortunately too many other ideas condemned this finished painting to solitude. But for long it was the striking masterpiece of the Mr. Upside gallery and in a way 'proof' of the more urban style I like.

It depicts consumerism and the never-ending search for the metaphoric sugar. The graphical look&feel, together with the bright colors and the 'happy-happy-joy-joy' subject make this painting a true icon.

Painting 'Icecream Popsicle' is available in the webshop for € 299 / $ 320 *

* The price in dollars is calculated on the exchange rates at the time of writing this blogpost. Shipping costs depend on the shipping method and delivery address.

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