Eight fresh new Mr. Upside artworks online - Artwork 7 of 8: 'Unfinished Sympathy'

Recently I re-discovered some archived artworks that weren't available on the Mr. Upside webshop yet. This article describes the seventh artwork ('Unfinished Sympathy') as part of a series of eight blogposts on the new paintings and illustrations.

7. Painting 'Unfinished Sympathy'

What do you think? Is the piece finished? Or does it need some extra work?

I like the idea of something that leaves room for interpretation. Which shapes (or colors) would be there if the painter didn't stop? When is an artwork 'finished'? Artwork 'Unfinished sympathy' is unpretentious. It doesn't have a complex concept. The image itself is complex enough.

Together with the white frame and passe-partout, the pink lines radiate softness and kindness. Sympathy.

Artwork 'Unfinished Sympathy' is available in the webshop for € 69 / $ 74 (frame included)

* The price in dollars is calculated on the exchange rates at the time of writing this blogpost. Shipping costs depend on the shipping method and delivery address.

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