Duo Penotti - Re-design promotional website for chocolate spread

Picture 1 of 3 - Re-designed Promotional Homepage for Duo Penotti, a popular chocolate spread on bread in the Netherlands

Picture 2 of 3 - Alternative Promotional Homepage with the use of a wooden table to support the 'chocolate, home feeling' of the product. 

Picture 3 of 3 - Alternative Promotional Homepage with different functionalities incorporated

To boost sales and promote the other products of Peeters Ingredients, Dutch Advertising Agency Superrebel approached Michiel Nagtegaal (Designia) with the request to redesign the outdated Penotti.nl. promotional website.

Duo Penotti has been a concept in the Netherlands and beyond for over 30 years. 

In the early 1970s, Marcel Peeters thought of a delicious hazelnut spread. The recipe of his hazelnut spread is based on his grandmother's old recipe. In the same period he imagines the name Penotti. This name is based on the Italian word for hazelnuts: 'nocciole'. Soon the hazelnut spread is popular throughout the Netherlands.

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