Five artworks ready for shipping to Munich (Germany) and Strasbourg (France)

 Five artworks are ready for shipping internationally to Munich (Germany) and Strasbourg (France). Photo from the Mr. Upside gallery in Voorburg, the Netherlands

The Mr. Upside European Tour continues. Five abstract paintings are ready for shipping to Munich (Germany) and Strasbourg (France). The Mr. Upside European Tour is a series of exhibitions in Hilton Hotels in Europe.

Mr. Upside European Tour

Previously, a few other paintings travelled to Stockholm (Sweden), Hamburg (Germany) and Paris (France) for exhibitions. As you can see the paintings Working Day, Bits and Pieces, Blood Lines, Bold Pink and White Noise are all wrapped up in shrink foil.

Temporarily reduced price on art

For a few months, due to the exhibition the paintings won't be available in the gallery for viewing but they will be still available in the webshop. I even temporarily reduced the price a bit. The empty spaces on the gallery walls will be filled with new works soon. Check out my Instagram account for more updates on the freshed and newest paintings. Or subscribe on my newsletter.

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