Now available in the webshop: artwork 'Yoga (Position)'

Now available in the Mr. Upside webshop: abstract painting 'Yoga (Position)'. It is a relatively small artwork (60 x 90 cm / 23.6" x 35.4") with a blue gradient background and white and black Bold Lines on top.

It is made with acrylic paint (background), Molotow Speedflow Ink in Masterpiece 60mm wide markers for the white and black lines. The process is similar to the 'Drone' and 'Field Portrait' paintings but differs from those artworks because the black lines on top don't fill the whole canvas.

Just like in my other Bold Lines paintings I searched for a certain balance between the graphical elements on the canvas. The lines reminded me of practicing Yoga, which in a way is also about balance.

The painting is available for just € 219,00 or $ 245. Check out the 'Yoga (Position)' product page for more info on the specifications.

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