Eight fresh new Mr. Upside artworks - Artwork 1 of 8: 'King Candy'

The advantage of moving into a new studio is that during the packing of the artworks you discover all kinds of beautiful art that just need a little bit of attention to be finished.

Those paintings will come online soon. The discovery of those old works triggered me to look for other artworks that are finished but somehow where not admitted to the webshop. I found eight of them and just put them online!

But a product page of an artwork is not the ideal location for an extensive description of the background of those artworks. So, for your convenience I collected those descriptions in eight different blog articles, one for each artwork.

This is the first blog article, with some background info on painting 'King Candy'.

1. Painting 'King Candy'

Painting 'King Candy' is one of the more earlier artworks (approx. 2015) that was left unfinished to pursue other projects. It fits perfectly within the Mr. Upside artists vision: colorful, improvised, detailed and fun.

It depicts a more urban / city scene and has several elements that occur on many artworks by Mr. Upside, such as bird house and Converse sneakers.

It was set up without preliminairy sketches and the initial lines where drawn with the higher speed of doodling. After the first step in which black lines are quickly placed on the canvas, the various shapes that emerge are then filled with colors. When each shape has received some color, each black line receives a second layer of paint. This is a similar process with grafitti.

To prevent the process from slowing down, Posca acrylic paint markers are used instead of brushes and regular acrylic paint.

Painting 'King Candy' is yours for € 299 / $ 318 *

* The price in dollars is calculated on the exchange rates at the time of writing this blogpost. Shipping costs depend on the shipping method and delivery address.

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