Eight fresh new Mr. Upside artworks online - Artwork 2 of 8: 'Blood Lines'

In the previous blogpost I mentioned the re-discovery of some archived artworks that weren't available on the Mr. Upside webshop yet. This article describes the second artwork ('Blood Lines I') in a series of eight. 

2. Painting 'Blood Lines I'

Painting 'Blood Lines I'  is actually part of a set of two paintings. This one is finished, the other one is still work in progress. It shows bold, thick red lines on a white background and that means it is part of the Mr. Upside Bold Lines collection. It's an abstract work and obviously 'conceived' in the graphic design roots of Michiel Nagtegaal / Mr. Upside.

As with many artworks, the challenge in making Bold Lines lies in the balance between the various shapes. The whitespace between the (red) lines is equally important to the red of the lines. Making the Bold Lines paintings is always an exciting moment as it is an improvisation and no preliminairy sketches are made. Each error is not easily corrected and sometimes even catastrophic for the whole painting.

After setting up the rough lines a intense process starts by correcting the small imperfections. Each color gets several layers of acrylic paint before the artwork is finished.

Painting 'Blood Lines' is yours for € 299 / $ 318 *

* The price in dollars is calculated on the exchange rates at the time of writing this blogpost. Shipping costs depend on the shipping method and delivery address.

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