Good bye old studio and hello new studio!

 Artist Mr. Upside is moving his studio to a new place in Leidschendam, the Netherlands.

The Mr. Upside studio is moving! Due to the planned demolition of the old building 'De Verlichting' in The Hague and the construction of garages, Mr. Upside has to move the paints, canvases and brushes to former office building Sector V in Leidschendam.

Too bad. The high ceilings, the natural light through the large windows and a unique, relaxed atmosphere were awesome. 'De Verlichting' offered startups and smaller companies nice units in various buildings which together felt like a small campus.

Sector V. Leidschendam

The new location, called 'Sector V' is also a former office but much larger. My estimation would be that it is build in the mid 70's. And those years didn't end up in the history books as the most creative years architectural wise. The smaller windows, low ceilings and the larger number of units, giving it a distinctly different look and feel.


Alternative location

The organisation behind these renovated offices, Conceptors, was also very surprised when the city of The Hague announced the plans for the necessary decontamination of the soil under 'De Verlichting'. Fortunately they where able to find a good alternative in the form of Sector V.

Ofcourse it is the tenants who make a certain vibe in a building. That's why I am confident that eventually it will all turn out fine.

You are invited

Come get a look at the new studio! I have plans for a permanent Open Studio Day every week. Probably Wednesday. But ofcourse you are always welcome. Call, email or send a Whatsapp message and I'll get the coffee or tea ready!

New address

Mr. Upside Art
Sector V Building - Vlietweg 15
2266 KA Leidschendam

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