Artwork 'Don't talk. Listen' has found a new home. Within a week!

 Artwork 'Don't talk. Listen.' sold today in the Mr. Upside Gallery in Voorburg. Happy new owners of this painting about communication take it home.

On March 12 I finished this piece ‘Don’t talk. Listen.’ and wrote about it in this blogpost. It’s called ‘Don’t talk. Listen’ because I find it sad to see so many people talking about themselves without ever asking their conversational partner anything.

Turning a negative into something positive

Without wanting to seem bitter; wouldn't it be nice if people would talk less and listen more? The painting is one of the more recent artworks that is inspired by something that really bothered me. A negative thought and feeling. While I always keep reminding myself to think positive, this was something that frustrated me. But I am very happy to have been able to turn this frustration into something nice.

Don't think twice

The illustration is made with Posca acrylic paint markers on heavy paper. The use of paper as a medium is an experiment. As an artist you want as many people as possible to enjoy your work. But with higher prices, up to € 999,- for the larger paintings, I can imagine people to think twice about purchasing my art.

This ‘experiment' needs more time to finish but... this one already sold! Today. I am excited. Within four days it already sold!


This lovely elderly couple walked past the gallery this afternoon, looked through the window and decided to have a look at this fresh new artwork. After having a small conversation, they bought the piece. If you happen to see any slight resemblance of the couple with me, that's correct. They are my parents, :) And although I offered a special VIP-discount, they even insisted in paying the listed price. I love this kind of customers!

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