Re-designed corporate website added to webdesign portfolio

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In the end of august 2017 I finished two rounds of User Interface / Visual Design for Youwe. CEO Rob Wiek of the Rotterdam (NL) based internet agency, asked me to provide a re-design of their existing website.

After an initial set of two different version they decided to continue with the first, more traditional version.  

Since 2000, Youwe (pronounce it as 'You We') has been working for clients like Grolsch, Heidelberg, SNS Bank, 24Kitchen, Spinning Records, PPG and the Dutch postal company Postnl. They have a strong focus on technical, Magento e-commerce projects.

Design brief

Rob Wiek contacted me with a simple brief; 'Provide us with a few re-designed pages of our corporate website Don't bother redesigning content.'

Design solution and Art Direction

I designed two versions, both based on Youwes existing brand guidelines. 

Version 1 has a more traditional look&feel but with a lot of whitespace and well-balanced graphic elements. I also suggested a change in the typography to get a more consistent look channel-wide. 

Version 2 used a more bold approach and freedom towards the current brand style. 

Youwe choose to continue with Phase 2 with the Version 1 designs. 

All web designs where made with the Mobile First methodology in mind, where mobile designs where designed prior to the desktop version. Although this usually is used because of the advantages in content presentation and sanitation (not part of this project), I used it primarily to make focus on great mobile website design.

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