Photoshoot Mr. Upside and collaboration with local discount card De Hofpas

De Hofpas is a much more than just a discount card. It's an initiative by two Dutch companies, care center Florence and cooperation De Volharding and it offers discounts and benefits of local businesses in the Dutch The Hague region. It is a non-profit organisation. The card is distributed among 50.000 people.

Free of charge

One of our employees advised Janette and me to register an account at the Hofpas website. It is free of charge for the first year and offers nice possibilities for promoting our products.


Part of the service offered by De Hofpas was a photoshoot by photographer Renske Derkx, taking place at the Mr. Upside gallery and the leather bags studio of Janette.

We had a fun morning and some nice pictures where taken of both our businesses. Below you'll find a selection of those pictures* showing Mr. Upside art products.

 Spray can painted with Bold Lines by Dutch artist Mr. Upside / Michiel Nagtegaal as part of new portrait and product photos for De Hofpas in The Hague - Photography by Renske Derkx

* Copyright managed by De Hofpas

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