Mr. Upside Gallery

A look inside the Mr. Upside art gallery in Voorburg, The Netherlands


A few years ago, when we bought our current house (build in 1922) in Voorburg, The Netherlands, we reserved the ground floor (80m2 / 861ft2) as an office for both our companies, Designia and Janette van Tol. We envisioned having great meetings with clients here and hosting creative workshops, while serving great coffee and delicious sandwiches.

But as the years went by, we realised we had been working at the offices of our clients mostly. So the space turned into an occasional art studio, messy storage room, second living room and party room. To name a few. Fun, but as the room takes up almost one third of our house, we had the idea to let the room generate some income. 

While my art ambitions are evolving into something...

Office & Art Gallery
Laan van Middenburg 14 - 2275 CC Voorburg, The Netherlands

+31(0)6 43 49 1443  |

Vlietweg 14/15, Building 'Sector V' Unit B2.12 - 2266 KA Leidschendam, the Netherlands