Supershift - Logo Design

Supershift - Final logo 

In 2000, during the rise of the internet, me and Marc Molenwijk founded Dutch web agency Suburban Media. With Marc in the role of ambitious Web Developer and me as a creative Designer, we where able to grow a successful business in designing and developing websites. 

Later on, when partner Koen Borgman joined us, we changed the name to Supershift. A name aptly chosen because the business almost instantly shifted in the highest gear to even larger clients and several staff was quickly added to the team.

I left the company in 2007 to pursue other creative dreams but to this day Marc and Koen have been true to the original ambitions and have been growing the business ever since. 

The icon stands for the ambition to deliver the best possible solutions. The extra bold typography represents the solid service and heavy weight talents in the Supershift team. 

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