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Stylingblog - Dutch Interior Design Weblog - Final logo 

In 2011, my partner Janette van Tol and nowadays also the mother of my kids, used her passion for interior design to set up a (Dutch) weblog focussing on Interior Design.

It became successful and received a fair amount of shares and website visitors. But as with so many weblogs, it was abandoned when other, more important things demanded the attention of Janette.

In 2015 I decided to blow the dust off the weblog and started blogging on interior design myself. With my knowledge of webdesign, I re-designed the blog, choose a different blog platform and added some affiliate links. The blog was picked up by the audience again. 

I left the logo I designed for Janette back then untouched. It was still relevant and unique. The 'S'-shape obviously is derived from the word 'Stylingblog' en the rings emphasise the focus of interior design on appearance and looks, while still protecting the core, creative product design. 

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