Re-designed portfolio and art webshop

 Art and design portfolio by Dutch artist and Freelance Designer Michiel Nagtegaal

Art and design portfolio by Dutch artist and Freelance Designer Michiel Nagtegaal

In the past months I've been working silently 'in the background' on an overhaul of my Mr. Upside webshop. You are now reading the article on the new website, :)


With four separate online identities, all offering services in the fields of design, art and interior styling, my online presence was a bit scattered.


When I think of my most ideal next five years, I see myself offering more of a blend of those creative services:

UX/UI, Visual and Interface Design
Logo & Identity design
Blogging (on Interior Design also)

Furthermore, I found the 'happy-happy-joy-joy' concept of my art brand Mr. Upside limiting the growth in my art. I also would like to do more illustration projects, so illustration needed a bit of cross-promotion.

And with more and more people becoming their own brand and offering a more private look into their personal lives through Social Media, I thought it was the right time to join my four creative brands into just one: me.


• Bye Mr. Upside Art, hello visual artist Michiel Nagtegaal.
• Bye Designia, hello Freelance UX/UI Designer / Illustrator Michiel Nagtegaal.
• Bye personal blog, hello new personal blog.
• Moving the Stylingblog interior blog takes a bit longer because of the vast amount of (larger) blog articles. So, that’s a work-in-progress.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be updating the portfolios and blogs with more recent work. If you like to stay up-to-date, please signup for the newsletter. And if you find any broken links or if you any feedback in general, let me know!

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Started running again - Nike Plus running app

 Started running again. This time with the Nike Plus / Nike Run Club NRC app

Started running again. This time with the Nike Plus / Nike Run Club NRC app

Due to other priorities I quit working out in the gym about a year ago. I am a great project starter. I love to start and try new things. But as soon as it becomes more of a routine, I slowly loose my interest. And quitting the 'project' is then just around the corner.

Ecstatic working out

The same with working out. About one and half year ago I decided to start working out in the gym. It felt amazing. As a young kid I was always very active. Always playing outside, running, cycling and playing soccer with friends. So when I started working out again after a long period of not doing anything physical in particular, it felt ecstatic. 

So I started to buy all kinds of nutrition, read every blog on the world on fitness and strength training and bought a new wardrobe full of sports clothes. 


But after three months, three to four times a week with two hour workouts, I kinda lost interest. Sure my body was changing and I felt very healthy. Eating healthy, going to bed on a normal time and all. But the thought of training 6+ hours a week when I could be making art (another passion) grew on me and I started skipping workouts. And then it became december and the holiday season started. In short, I stopped working out completely by the end of december and focussed on my art.

I have been keeping my subscription with the gym running for almost a year. Because I thought that if I could just walk in the gym and start training again, I might pick it up more easily. But a few weeks ago I cancelled my subscription with the gym. Now, it was final.


Your body thanks you for working out. By giving good feelings. Increased self worth but also an overall feeling of wellbeing. Your body needs to be physically active. So during the year I didn't do anything special besides walking and a bit of cycling, I didn't feel as good as in the gym. Making my art is too important to drop so I started thinking of running again. 

Running doesn't cost as much as a gym. You can do it everywhere, whenever it suits you. Even when you are on a holiday. So I played around with the idea for weeks. Maybe I am even a bit scared. Afraid of going all in and then, after three months loosing interest again.

Early november evening

But I started again. Last Friday, when I brought me son to bed and sat in his bedroom while he felt asleep, I ignored the chatter in my head (and the work I 'had to' do). I searched and found my old running outfit again. Searched quickly for a running app on my phone and within 15 minutes I stood outside in the cold Dutch air on a early november evening. 

Nike Running Club - NRC

I used a different running app before, but I decided to use the Nike Plus running app this time. And I was curious how the Nike 'coached run' would be. I liked the idea of a coach talking to me, motivating me, during the run.

And it felt so amazing again!

At first, my body screamed to me 'What are you doing?! Stop!'. My lungs burned. My legs felt heavy. But I knew this would happen. And that it would pass in minutes. Together with the 'coach' motivating me and telling me to run not too fast, I completed the first run again in more than a year. It felt so good that, although the run was finished I ran further and did one of my shorter old rounds in the neighbourhood.

So I am running again. And I would certainly recommend the Nike running app! Haven't figured out how to see my run on a map yet. But I like the personalised running plans, the virtual coach that talks to during certain moments on the run and, as a Freelance interface designer, I liked the interface very much.

And you?

What kind of running apps do you use? Can you recommend one? And can you relate to the earlier phase of running I just described? I am curious of your thoughts! Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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