Win a free Mr. Upside artwork? Leave a comment on Facebook

Today I set up a low key 'Comment and Share' promotion on my Facebook Page. Not to boost sales but just for the fun of giving things away. On some level I was also curious for the amount of engagement promotions like this may generate.

When I finished the small artwork (40cmx40cm / 15,7"x15,7") shown below, the thought to give it away on Facebook came up. Not that I didn't like the end result. I do. Very much. But I also liked the idea of getting this piece of work at someones home within 10 days.

To get people just a little bit more involved I asked for a proper name of the artwork. Which I, to be honest, always find an annoying (but still important) part of finishing an artwork.

Like to receive this free artwork by Mr. Upside yourself? Please leave a comment (preferably with a suggestion for a name) on this Facebook post:

International / business:
Netherlands / private:

before Thursday March 31st. On that day I will randomly select one person that will get this fresh unique painting signed and with a personal note attached, delivered to their warm home.

More news on Dutch artist Mr. Upside can be found here: