New Mr. Upside art available in the webshop

 The Mr. Upside family of Art Bottles has some new members in the art webshop

I am happy to announce that three new Mr. Upside Art Bottles and four new canvasses have become available in the Mr. Upside webshop! One of the artworks was part of a small promotion on Facebook and has therefor already became unavailable.

But, new works are in far stages of completion so please stay tuned for fresh new painting and art objects. Check out the Mr. Upside Instagram account for recent updates and work-in-progress shots.

 Dutch contemporary artist has three new blue with brown paintings available in the webshop.

Bold Blue on Brown artworks

The fresh new 'Bold Blue on Brown'-series consists of three comparable (80x60cm / 31x24") paintings which where conceived during the a photoshoot with Dutch photographer Reens but finished in March 2016.

 Small painting The Maze was part of a Mr. Upside Facebook promotion where followers could come up with a name of this artwork

The Maze, a new artwork by Mr. Upside

Small painting 'The Maze' got its name as a result of a recent promotion on Facebook in which followers who commented on or shared the Facebook post, automatically participated in the promotion.

 One the three unique one-of-a-kind new Mr. Upside Art Bottles now available in the webshop

New Art Bottles available in the webshop

Finally, but not least, three new Art Bottles, which had been sitting on a shelf in our home office where added to the Mr. Upside webshop.

More news on Dutch artist Mr. Upside can be found here: