Painting picknick tables at Amsterdam based restaurant Hanneke's Boom

Just a small walk away from Amsterdam Central Station, a hotspot restaurant/bar called ‘Hanneke’s Boom’ serves great, orginal organic food, beer and snacks. They contacted me last Thursday via e-mail and invited me to join a small, 'low key’ live event this Sunday, involving the painting of picknick tables.

Together with other artists blessed with roaring names like 'Hero de Janeiro', 'Ives One’, 'Sjoco Sjon’ and a ‘Adele’, I was invited to paint on untreated picknick tables.

Arriving at Hannekes Boom on this Sunday morning, half an hour late (as a true artist fits), left me puzzled. All the shutters were still closed. But as I waited there for a few minutes, one of the shutters opened and I was shortly greeted by one of the staff. Soon after that Adele (France) and Alexandra (Poland) arrived. Followed in the early afternoon by Dutch street artist and Street Art Awards [] nominee ‘Hero de Janeiro’.


We started painting and although it was cold and rainy, the talkative girls and Hero de Janeiro, together with some music playing laptop Hero brought, coffee and beers, we had a nice afternoon.

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