Marks & Spencer Flip Flops customized with Mr. Upside Bold Lines

 Customized Marks & Spencer Flip Flops by Dutch contemporary artist Mr. Upside / Michiel Nagtegaal based in Voorburg - Den Haag in the Netherlands

Started as a funny side project these customized Flip Flops became one the projects that doesn't seem to get finished. The left one was finished almost two years ago but instead of throwing them away I kept them but did not start painting the right one.

Untill recently. Frustrated by my tendency to quickly and passionately start projects that take forever to finisch them, I picked up the right one and started painting. The Flip Flops are made of material that is designed to absorb sweat and dirt from your feet and therefor also absorbs paint very well. That means layers. Lots of layers. Each line has been drawn at least three times before it gets white enough. And the perfectionist part of me still doesn't like the lines where the green background still shines through.

Flip flops as an art object

I like the idea of a cross-over between art and every day objects. That's why I like to customise regular objects. They are transformed into something new. Something special and unique.

Please check out more picures and specificaties of the customized Flip Flops on their product page.

Zen monk

It's fun. And doing these zen monk style activities keeps me mentally sane. My mind wanders off and cleans up all kinds of emotions and frustrations while 'painting' with the Posca paint markers.

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