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Luxe Postcards (set of 4)


Set of four (4) beautifully tactile Luxe Postcards, each with a unique Mr. Upside artwork on the front and a clean white back on which you can write your personal message to friends and family.

Price (4 cards in 1 set)

€ 15,95


  • 4 Moo Luxe Medium Postcards
  • 127mm x 178mm
  • 5" x 7"
  • 600 gms Mohawk Sf paper
  • Orange seam of color
  • Writable back
  • April 2017

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Moo Cards

These Luxe Postcards are printed by London based printer Moo Cards. There are no other cards available that will have this quality and weight.

Seam of color

By pressing four (!) layers of 600 grams Mohawk Superfine paper together, a postcard was created with an impressive thickness. In the middle of each postcard runs a seam of color. In this particular set it's bright orange.


Dutch artist Michiel Nagtegaal

The images above show various artworks by Dutch contemporary urban artist Michiel Nagtegaal printed or reproduced in a limited edition. He uses vibrant colors and bold patterns as a visual language of happiness and joy. 

He owns a small art gallery in Voorburg and works in a studio space in The Hague in The Netherlands (Holland). Besides paintings and art objects Michiel Nagtegaal loves doing a mural on your office wall, shop wall or illustrations on walls in a home. Michiel Nagtegaal is also a freelance UX designer and illustrator.