Commissioned artworks

Artwork 'Under water'


Commissioned digital illustration for Dutch major telecommunications provider KPN.

The artwork depicts the process of KPN webshop orders that, for all kinds of reasons, cannot be processed correctly. The KPN Backoffice Department is responsible for correcting those orders and placing them back in the 'chain'.

More pictures and background info in the corresponding blogpost on this artwork here.

The illustration was designed digitally before it was printed on aluminum Dibond.


• Original, unique and one of a kind
• 185 cm x 135 cm
• Printed on aluminum Dibond
• April 2016

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Dutch artist Michiel Nagtegaal

The images above show various art commissions delivered by Dutch contemporary urban artist Michiel Nagtegaal. He uses vibrant colors and bold patterns as a visual language of happiness and joy. 

He owns a small art gallery in Voorburg and works in a studio space in The Hague in The Netherlands (Holland). Besides paintings and art objects Michiel Nagtegaal loves doing a mural on your office wall, shop wall or illustrations on walls in a home. Michiel Nagtegaal is also a freelance UX designer and illustrator.